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October 31, 2019

The Onondaga County Libertarian Party has nominated a mixed slate of candidates in 2019.

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The Onondaga County Libertarian Party has nominated a mixed slate of candidates in 2019. In the first year as a recognized party in New York State, the OCLP has nominated two Libertarian candidates, six Republicans, two Democrats and an Independent. The success of the Larry Sharpe Governor campaign earned the LP a ballot line for the first time in their 46 year history in NYS.

“I think cross-endorsing candidates is a tool offered to political parties in NYS, tools are wasted if not used. I hope our cross-endorsements will help move forward more libertarian policies within our communities,” said OCLP Chairman Shawn Hannon. “We are excited to be a political party and we are looking forward to using our new found political status to influence politicians, other parties and policies.”

The OCLP nominated three county-wide candidates, Ryan McMahon for County Executive, Chuck Keller for District Attorney, and Matt Beadnell for Comptroller. They also nominated two County Legislators, Courtney Hills in the 7th District and John McBride in the 11th District. At the City and Town level, The OCLP nominated Thomas Babilon and Jason Zeigler for Syracuse Councilor At Large, Dawson Brown for Town of Geddes Supervisor, Marc Buselli for Town of Geddes Councilor, Mike Becallo for Town of Cicero Councilor, and Nick Paro for Town of Salina Councilor.

The Libertarian Party will appear at Row F on your ballot. Election Day is Tuesday November 5th. Early voting begins Saturday October 26th.

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